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Status Fitness is a personal training facility offering a variety of fitness classes and programs in physical training, flexibility, strength and conditioning, weight loss and weight gain management, nutritional counseling, and food preparation.

Recovering From Injury With Fitness

Recovering From Injury With Fitness

Do you want to know how to recover quickly from an injury? Try exercising. Yes, that’s correct. You may think that resting would be more effective, but the opposite is actually true. 

Letting your muscles and joints rest for too long can do more harm than good. It can delay the healing process, causing you to work harder and longer to rehabilitate the affected area. That’s why exercise is so important. Not even pain medications can provide the relief that exercise can.

Talk to your doctor to see when you should resume activity. Once you are released from the hospital, you will probably be expected to stay active and move the affected area regularly to prevent stiffness and weakness.

Once you do resume an exercise regimen, start slowly. If you overdo it, you could injure the affected area again, which can make it difficult to recover. Don’t just focus on exercising the affected area, though. Branch out and try some cross-training. If you broke your arm, for example, focus on your legs and other body parts as well. Working out other parts of the body helps you stay fit while your injured body part heals.

Once you start exercising again, you might feel a little discomfort at first. A little pain is OK, but if it becomes unbearable, you’ve gone too far. Stop and rest for a few days to avoid further injury.

How Status Fitness Can Help

Stay motivated by joining a gym as you recover from your injury. Status Fitness, located in St. Louis, can help you recover from an injury and achieve your fitness goals. The gym offers group classes and personal training for all fitness levels. You can also purchase a membership and work out at your own pace.

Status Fitness offers a unique program called High Intensity Training Metabolic Exercise (H.I.T.M.E.), which uses exercise and nutrition to shape your body. The classes will focus on your fitness goals so you can achieve the results you desire.

Fusion kickboxing involves full-body exercises that work your legs, arms and core. Kickboxing and kettlebell exercises will give you a workout while toning your body.

The transformation program is customized based on your personal goals and preferences. This intense group training lasts for 3-6 months and includes nutrition education.

Status Fitness also offers a program called contest prep. This specialized program is designed for those who participate in physique competitions. Our trainers will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your goals.

Come See Us Today

After suffering a serious injury and getting compensation with the help of a lawyer, it’s time to start exercising. Stop by when you’re ready and let us help you achieve your goals this year.

What’s the best way to create a habit of exercising?

Many of us start the year wanting to exercise regularly. We make New Year’s resolutions to be more active, but find that it can be hard to actually make it happen.

But there are ways to stick to it. First, set a realistic goal. People who make a resolution to exercise a lot, such as four or more times a week, are more likely not to meet those intentions, than people who aim for a less aggressive goal.


Also, don’t undermine yourself. Set goals you are likely to accomplish. For example, don’t plan to go to the gym three days a week at 5:30 a.m. to do powerlifting if you hate waking up early, don’t like lifting heavy, or know nothing about weight training, those intentions will vanish and you will get discouraged when you don’t actually do it.

Instead, think of all of possible obstacles that stand between you and exercise, and address them. Pack your gym bag the night before and set it by the door. Plan workouts for when you are most awake and energetic, and consistently set aside that same time for exercise so that it becomes easy to work into your schedule as a habit.

Most importantly, choose an activity that leaves you feeling happy and confident. Studies show that people who dislike their workouts or feel clumsy and inept at them will not continue, no matter how sincere their intentions. So if the treadmill bores you and boxing intimidates you, try a boot camp class or sessions with a personal trainer.

We all want to look great and get the health benefits from regular exercise, but we also need to work on finding the most pleasant experiences to actually achieve that behavior. Once you develop the exercise habit, you can branch out even further.

The trainers at our private gym located in St. Louis’ Central West End will help you get started on a program you will like and keep up over time.

St. Louis Personal Trainer advises on the best way to cut down on belly fat

There are two kinds of belly fat. Most consists of deep, fat. The other, subcutaneous fat, settles just beneath your skin. Studies have shown that visceral fat increases the risk for many diseases.

“Exercise disproportionately targets visceral fat,” says Gary R. Hunter, a professor of human studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A comprehensive study done in 2013 concluded that programs combining aerobic exercise and two sessions of weight training per week were superior to either type of exercise alone at reducing belly fat.

Join our Central West End Studio and we will create a custom workout and meal plan for you that will target belly fat in no time.



Central West End Trainer says "Why Lose"


Besides the obvious, here are nine benefits of weight loss.

You’re on the journey to lose weight. Whether this is your first attempt or your tenth, you can do it! Making wise choices and the right changes can lead to a new lifestyle that will reveal a new you. The thin clothes you’ve been saving in your closet for that day will be a great reward. But the benefits of weight loss go far beyond feeling confident in your swimsuit and skinny jeans. 
Losing just 7 to 10 percent of your body weight is all it takes to experience huge perks of weight loss. So get on it!

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. -Elizabeth Berg

1. Improve Health

Let’s just start with your health. While being overweight is clearly connected toan increased risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, losing a few pounds can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, lower triglycerides, reverse or even prevent diabetes, and prevent cancer.

2. Increase Energy

Carrying extra weight around day in and day out can zap your energy. Climbing stairs or walking to the mailbox can leave you short of breath. Household chores, caring for children, making meals, or doing your job become more and more difficult the more weight you carry around. Want your energy back? Lose a few pounds through diet and exercise and get the pep back in your step.

3. Get Better Sleep

Wake up feeling tired? Wish you could nap during the day? You may have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that occurs when the airway becomes obstructed, disturbing your sleep. This condition is common in overweight people. Lose weight, reduce your apnea symptoms, and get a good night of rest.

4. Reduce Pain

Chronic pain is a frequent complaint of overweight people. Low back pain, aching joints, and foot pain are a few of the main culprits. It makes sense. Extra weight places a strain on the back, which can cause pinched nerves, herniated discs, and sciatica. Added pounds take a toll on your joints. The knees are especially hard hit, and the feet bear it all. It’s time to lose the weight and get off the pain meds.

5. Enhance Memory

Notice you’ve been forgetting things lately? Can’t remember a person’s name or where you put your car keys? People of normal weight score higher on tests of memory, learning, and attention than obese people. Obesity also places one at an increased risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in old age.

6. Boost Mood

There’s a close connection between weight gain and depression. It can become a vicious cycle. You’re depressed so you eat more and sit around. Then you gain weight, so you get depressed. Unfortunately, a side effect of antidepressants is weight gain. The good news is that exercise and a healthy diet can boost your mood and treat symptoms of depression.

7. Clear Skin

Being overweight may lead to skin problems due to hormonal imbalances, stretched skin, pressure on the veins, allergies, swelling, and retained moisture in body creases. Weight loss and a healthy diet can greatly improve the appearance of your skin and complexion.

8. Improve Fertility

Obesity increases one’s chance of fertility trouble. For women, obesity can lead to ovulation irregularities and problems conceiving. Obese men are at an increased risk for lower testosterone levels, reduced sperm counts, and erectile dysfunction. Lose extra weight to improve your overall reproductive health.

9. Feel Confident

Weight loss is a freeing thing. You have energy, you can move around without pain, you’re in a better mood, and your risk of disease is diminished, not to mention you can fit in your skinny jeans. These benefits are self-perpetuating when it comes to weight loss. Lose a few pounds, feel better about yourself, and you’ll have the motivation to lose more!

St.Louis Trainer says "Conquer Your Fears"


The gym’s not that scary, is it?

As the cooler temperatures of fall and winter show up, many types of outdoor exercise become more difficult and uncomfortable. Because of this, cold weather often drives people back indoors for their workouts, making the gym an ideal place to exercise.

All the space, resources, classes, trainers, weight machines, cardio machines, swimming pools, and free weights make it easy to get your recommended daily amounts of exercise. So why don’t more people take advantage of their community gym?

Some people are intimidated by the atmosphere at a fitness center. The fancy equipment, the fit bodies, and the fear of the unknown are just a few of the reasons people avoid the gym. But not you. Not any more.

Here are some practical ways to overcome your fears of the gym and build your confidence as you work with your personal trainer.

You never walk out of the gym and say, 'I shouldn’t have gone.' - Taylor Kitsch

Get Knowledge

Many people fear the unknown. This is one reason your personal trainer is so invaluable in reaching your fitness goals. The more you know about the way things work at the gym the less you'll fear. As your trainer teaches you the ins and outs of gym life, many of your gym fears will disappear.

Ask Questions

Intimidated by the workout room full of “complicated” equipment? Don’t know the first thing about lifting weights or turning on a treadmill? In steps your personal trainer once again. Each time you learn something new, whether it’s correct lifting form for a new exercise or how to do interval training on the treadmill, your fears will subside and you’ll gain confidence.

Take advantage of the knowledge your trainer has to offer. Ask all your questions during your sessions so on the days your trainer isn't with you, you can feel comfortable with your workout.

Invite a Friend

On those days when your trainer can’t be with you, have a friend join you. Whether your pal is an exercise pro or a novice like you, a workout partner won’t only help you feel more comfortable at the gym, but he or she will make exercise more fun and motivate you to reach your goals.

Take a Class

Your trainer may encourage you to take a group class on the days you're not working with him. Gym newbies may find group classes for beginners an easy way to get accustomed to the gym atmosphere. You may be completely out of shape, but the other participants are likely in the same boat. Just like your trainer, the class instructor is there to guide you through the workout and help you reach toward your workout goals.

Plan Ahead

Don’t let crowds and toned bodies keep you from getting the exercise you need. Avoid the gym during the peak hours when the gym is crowded with people who make you feel uncomfortable. First thing in the morning and early evening are generally the most crowded times, so if your schedule allows, go to the gym a different time of day.

Be Confident

You may be out of shape, overweight, and have outdated workout clothes, but who cares? The gym is for people like you. Don't be intimidated by what others may think of you. If anything, others at the gym will respect you for your efforts. At one time, they were likely in your shoes. So keep your eyes on your fitness goals and don't let low self-confidence get in the way of reaching them.

STL. Personal Trainer tells you why strength training and yoga go together.



You might think yoga and weight training don’t go together at all. Not only do they go together, they complement each other perfectly. Here’s why:

1. Strength and flexibility

Although yoga is great at building natural strength, for someone looking to add muscle, strength training is best. Strength training can improve your yoga poses. For those who are looking to slim down, yoga is one of the best ways to tone your muscles and develop flexibility.

2. Explosiveness and endurance

If you do full-body compound lifts at the gym, and lift weights explosively, you activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers. (A personal trainer can help you with this.) Fast-twitch muscle fibers help you develop power and speed. In yoga, by doing the movements slowly and holding the poses, you activate slow-twitch muscle fibers, which builds endurance.

3. Workout of the mind, body and soul

Yoga helps you feel calm, peaceful, and more confident after a workout. Yoga has also helps reduce back pain and improve overall flexibility.

4. Better muscle shape

Strength training builds visually pleasing muscles. Strength training also provides a metabolism boost, which helps with weight loss, increases bone density and helps maintain joint flexibility.

The muscles that are pushed to grow in the gym are stretched and loosened in yoga. The balancing postures in yoga help strengthen your stable foundation for weight lifting. Perfect harmony.

Let’s Get Started!

There are some things to keep in mind before you get started.

If you're new to both yoga and strength training, spend a couple of months on one and establish a solid foundation before incorporating the other into your routine.

Second, do full-body compound movements and body weight exercises with a personal trainer at the gym.

Central West End Studio answers the big question!!!!


Central West End Studio answers the big question:

Carbs – Are They Good or Bad?

They are both!

How Do You Balance Your Carbs?

The good news is that it’s not that hard. There are certain limits to how many carbs you can eat. If you’re less active, you will have to limit them a bit more.

There Really Are Good Carbs and Bad Carbs

Processed sugar and high-sugar foods are often called “bad carbs”. So are refined grains like white bread, cookies, bagels, cake, and pastries.

Why are Good Carbs So Good?

Foods that contain complex carbohydrates or, good carbs, also provide nutrients, fiber and other essential ingredients for good health and weight maintenance. They digest slowly giving the body time to absorb the nutrients and to combine the carbs with protein. When the carbs in your blood can be combined with protein, your body can burn them and use them to feed your brain. Good carbs also help you keep your energy level up.


- Skip refined and processed foods completely.

- Choose whole grains (oats, quinoa, whole wheat and brown rice), beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables.

Talk to your trainer. Your personal trainer can help you establish a meal plan that includes lots of good carbs. And, can help you source prepared meals that make it easy to stick with a healthful diet.

With the help of a personal trainer at STATUS FITNESS, you can take control of your health, improve your mental well being, see considerable health benefits, and dramatically increase your energy levels. Your health and good nutrition are the most important things in this world and we are here to help you 

St. Louis Personal Trainer Tip | Getting Rid of Cellulite

Understand what cellulite is. Cellulite is a fatty substance that is found under your connective tissues. As it accumulates it pushes against the connective tissues and makes the skin pucker and ripple. 

Start drinking a lot of water - I mean a lot! At least 10 8oz glasses of filtered water daily. If we're going to get rid of that cellulite and the toxins stored in it we need to give your body a way to push it out. 

Develop an exercise program that is designed to help remove your body fat content. Exercise is an effective way of reducing the amount of cellulite that you have. Effective exercise programs will need to include cardio, strength training and flexibility training. You should try working out at least 3 to 4 times a week. 

Tone up your muscles with strength building and resistance exercises. Studies have shown that improving muscle firmness can help you get rid of cellulite. Concentrate extra time on muscle beneath the areas with lots of cellulite, but create a total body workout for best results. 

Stick to a low calorie diet. Cellulite is not exclusive to overweight women, but eating healthy will keep the size of your fat cells small. This is not enough to get rid of cellulite, but it will contribute to the solution. 

Buy a moisturizer that has a sunless tanner mixed in. The moisturizer will hydrate your skin and reduce the severity of the rippling. The sunless tanner will darken your skin, making your cellulite less visible. This is a great cosmetic trick to hide cellulite while you work on lowering your body fat content. 

Shop for a quality cellulite treatment cream. There are a lot of these products on the market. You want to look for a cream that contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

Consider topical creams to that tighten the surface of the skin or the connective tissue beneath the skin. Amino acids, seaweed and ginkgo-biloba extracts all act as skin tighteners. Look for one or more of these ingredients on different anti-cellulite products. 

Don't stop using topical treatments or the effects will wear off. These are only temporary fixes. 

Try Aloe Vera cream. Many people report using a good Aloe Vera cream twice a day helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Try skin brushing. This technique is very simple and relatively inexpensive. Simply use a loofah sponge or a soft body brush and scrub your hips, thighs and belly. This not only helps you to exfoliate, but it also stimulates blood flow and supports lymph functions. This will help to minimize the appearance of cellulite. 

A multi-faceted approach works best when trying to remove cellulite. Try matching a diet and exercise program with topical creams that include anti-oxidants. 

Once a week put a generous layer of castor oil on the skin over the parts you are working on, put the old PJs on that you don't care about and go to sleep like that. This helps to increase your lymphatic drainage and get rid of trapped toxins! 

Don't get discouraged - change takes a while, but this will help you lose weight too! 

Best results can be seen after about 3 months of treatment. 

Quit smoking (if u do). Many smokers have large concentrations of cellulite, making researchers think there may be a connection between smoking and cellulite. 


Spinning and and weight training might be great tools to help eliminate cellulite. 


St. Louis Spinning Class | Cycling Offered In The Central West End

We are now offering spin classes

As we continue to grow within the community here in St. Louis it was clear that cycling classes were at the top of everyone's wish lists. Cycling is one of the excercises that can boost your endurance, burn calories, while toning your glutes and legs. This video below is a very similar approach to the cycling classes we offer here at Status Fitness.

Give us a call or come by to check out our two floor workout studio.

St. Louis Cycling Classes Central West End

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