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STL. Personal Trainer tells you why strength training and yoga go together.



You might think yoga and weight training don’t go together at all. Not only do they go together, they complement each other perfectly. Here’s why:

1. Strength and flexibility

Although yoga is great at building natural strength, for someone looking to add muscle, strength training is best. Strength training can improve your yoga poses. For those who are looking to slim down, yoga is one of the best ways to tone your muscles and develop flexibility.

2. Explosiveness and endurance

If you do full-body compound lifts at the gym, and lift weights explosively, you activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers. (A personal trainer can help you with this.) Fast-twitch muscle fibers help you develop power and speed. In yoga, by doing the movements slowly and holding the poses, you activate slow-twitch muscle fibers, which builds endurance.

3. Workout of the mind, body and soul

Yoga helps you feel calm, peaceful, and more confident after a workout. Yoga has also helps reduce back pain and improve overall flexibility.

4. Better muscle shape

Strength training builds visually pleasing muscles. Strength training also provides a metabolism boost, which helps with weight loss, increases bone density and helps maintain joint flexibility.

The muscles that are pushed to grow in the gym are stretched and loosened in yoga. The balancing postures in yoga help strengthen your stable foundation for weight lifting. Perfect harmony.

Let’s Get Started!

There are some things to keep in mind before you get started.

If you're new to both yoga and strength training, spend a couple of months on one and establish a solid foundation before incorporating the other into your routine.

Second, do full-body compound movements and body weight exercises with a personal trainer at the gym.

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