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Status Fitness is a personal training facility offering a variety of fitness classes and programs in physical training, flexibility, strength and conditioning, weight loss and weight gain management, nutritional counseling, and food preparation.

Recovering From Injury With Fitness

Recovering From Injury With Fitness

Do you want to know how to recover quickly from an injury? Try exercising. Yes, that’s correct. You may think that resting would be more effective, but the opposite is actually true. 

Letting your muscles and joints rest for too long can do more harm than good. It can delay the healing process, causing you to work harder and longer to rehabilitate the affected area. That’s why exercise is so important. Not even pain medications can provide the relief that exercise can.

Talk to your doctor to see when you should resume activity. Once you are released from the hospital, you will probably be expected to stay active and move the affected area regularly to prevent stiffness and weakness.

Once you do resume an exercise regimen, start slowly. If you overdo it, you could injure the affected area again, which can make it difficult to recover. Don’t just focus on exercising the affected area, though. Branch out and try some cross-training. If you broke your arm, for example, focus on your legs and other body parts as well. Working out other parts of the body helps you stay fit while your injured body part heals.

Once you start exercising again, you might feel a little discomfort at first. A little pain is OK, but if it becomes unbearable, you’ve gone too far. Stop and rest for a few days to avoid further injury.

How Status Fitness Can Help

Stay motivated by joining a gym as you recover from your injury. Status Fitness, located in St. Louis, can help you recover from an injury and achieve your fitness goals. The gym offers group classes and personal training for all fitness levels. You can also purchase a membership and work out at your own pace.

Status Fitness offers a unique program called High Intensity Training Metabolic Exercise (H.I.T.M.E.), which uses exercise and nutrition to shape your body. The classes will focus on your fitness goals so you can achieve the results you desire.

Fusion kickboxing involves full-body exercises that work your legs, arms and core. Kickboxing and kettlebell exercises will give you a workout while toning your body.

The transformation program is customized based on your personal goals and preferences. This intense group training lasts for 3-6 months and includes nutrition education.

Status Fitness also offers a program called contest prep. This specialized program is designed for those who participate in physique competitions. Our trainers will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your goals.

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After suffering a serious injury and getting compensation with the help of a lawyer, it’s time to start exercising. Stop by when you’re ready and let us help you achieve your goals this year.

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