STATUS Fitness Personal Training Studio

Sacrificing Time Achieves The Ultimate Success

Status Fitness is a personal training facility offering a variety of fitness classes and programs in physical training, flexibility, strength and conditioning, weight loss and weight gain management, nutritional counseling, and food preparation.

                 Want to Build A Better Physique?                   Need Motivation?  Want Results?


                                                 It will be the one of the best decisions you make on your fitness journey.                                                          

                      We are a Results Facility offering a unique Accountability Program.  Our trainers are expert at this.                                                       Your trainer will help you develop your own goals and to develop a realistic and achievable plan to attain these goals.             We will help you achieve things you thought were impossible. 

                                                            Our trainers will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.                                                                   “Can't” is not in our vocabulary, soon it won't be in yours.

The Benefits of Becoming A Member Of The Studio 

Private consultation with a Trainer once a month

Accountability Program

Personal Training

Group Classes

Meal Plan and Prep


Gym Access 19 hours a day 


$20/month with a Personal Training Package

$50/month Stand-alone Membership


The Premier Personal Training Studio In The Heart of the Central West End, St. Louis.